"Onward EP" Finished!! Watch "Making Of Videos"

Recording this EP has been an amazing experience!  Here's the official album cover, and also you can peep a glimpse of the fun we had in this video by my good friend, Sam Ashworth:

First Day of Recording New Album "Onward"

First day of recording the new EP “Onward".  Here’s me walking to lunch in East Nashville with bassist Chris Donohue (Emmy Lou Harris, Dave Matthews Band).  Great day of tracking bass, drums, and keys.  Tomorrow is banjo, mandolin, and violin.…Read more

"I Got Your Back" - Fan Cover

Here's a very cool cover of "I Got Your Back" by Kelley Sheep - especially cool since its the first time I’ve heard a female vocal on this song.  This girl’s voice is super sweet and has an earnestness to…Read more

"Little Wildflower" Fan Ukulele Cover

Ah, the cover song!  When people cover my songs its always fun/cool/flattering/interesting, etc. 

First up is a snazzy cover of Little Wildflower by Laura Barr.  Nice to hear it on uke.  Thanks Laura!