"Picture Perfect Days"

A picture paints 1000 words
take this one for me
Slideshows of souvenirs
In Endless Memories
And all these picture perfect days
They say what words could never say
The smiles will never fade
Theres Nothing I would ever trade…Read more


Paint me a day where we can stay
Be in the sunshine forever
There is a place not too far away
C’mon, we can go there together
Minutes of days, hours of years
We hold them for safekeeping
And all…Read more

"You Shine"

*Featured in Kay Jewelers Campaign"

I want to show you how I feel
My love, its my heart that you steal
And I cant help falling, falling, falling for you
You shine brighter than the stars in the sky
I…Read more

"Say Hello"

*Featured in Starbucks Campaign*

"Its something deep inside our bones
Echoing our very souls
I’ll tap on the table while you make up the melodies
We’ve got some time to spend so lets spend it happily
Its something we all…Read more

"I Got Your Back"

We were not meant to be alone
Without a little help to get along
So never get to thinking no one’s there for you
Just let me know – I’ll come to your rescue
So anytime you need a helping…Read more


I feel the warmth in these four walls
And in your voice when I hear you call
Cant help but smile when everything’s so easy
Yes, that’s what home is to me
Its just so simple, like 1-2-3
And there’s…Read more

"Make it Right Again"

Oh those were the best of days
I still feel the summer rays that graced our backs and we went down the lane
The wind, like troubles, blew on by
Never thinking time would fly now its clear that its…Read more

"Time for a Change"

Another day, and everything’s the same
Some new scenery would be nice to see, so take me away
Its time for a new thing, its time for a new way to look at it
Turn all this grey to a…Read more

"Little Wildflower"

Its time to grow up, little wildflower
Just let it go, love, it’ll all be alright
So don’t you worry now
Theres no need to hurry now
Just breathe and wait my love
Its been a long long day
So…Read more