The Story

Andrew Simple is pretty much the definition of the modern indie artist. A prolific songwriter, creative producer, and stunning multi-instrumentalist, he embodies the swiss-armyness that is almost a requirement for making it in today’s Music Industry 2.0.  

His songs seem to effortlessly telegraph the human experience, exploring community, abandon, and ultimately (and refreshingly) optimism.  It’s singer-songwriter fare at its best, and the reception he’s received has only confirmed it.  Even legendary artist Donovan (“They call me Mellow Yellow”…) reached out to write with Simple, resulting in a whimsical collaboration that was quickly picked up for a major Ziploc campaign. 

Simple pretty much lives in his Nashville studio, and muses “I used to be on the road 11 months out of the year and then scramble into a studio for 1 month recording my best 10 songs…now that I’ve got production chops and my own studio, I’ve pretty much flipped the model and constantly release songs which really feeds my creativity”.

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