New Single "Little Wildflower" Featured in Subaru Commercial!

A few weeks ago, my manager called with the great news that Subaru chose my song, “Little Wildflower”, to be featured in their new commercial!  This is an amazing thing for an indie artist - its basically a way that millions can hear your music, which is never a bad thing.  Here’s a link to the song:

So get this: I actually owned a Subaru Legacy for my 3rd car as a teenager (yeah, I went through cars fast…).  I bought it from a friend for $500.  I wondered why the price was SO freaking low, and then he said, “Well, its cuz it has 310,000 miles on it”.  I had no experience with Subarus, but I knew that mileage that high was probably not a good thing for the car’s longevity.  I was totally wrong though.  I drove that thing for another few years - working a paper route, no less.  Paper routes require a TON of stop-start-stop-start, etc. as you go from house to house at 3AM.  Not very friendly on ole mr. transmission.  But alas, it kept on taking the abuse and was a great car when it was all said and done.  So, yeah, its good to be associated with something that I actually have had a great experience with and would totally recommend to anyone in need of a good vehicle.  Not to mention, Subaru is especially awesome for going after indie music for their commercials.  Grateful to them for that.  Check out the spot (Update: The original link has expired, but this is a reupload):